An Edgerton resident who would not stop giving a "'drunken hug'" beat a man with a hammer Wednesday night, according to court records.

Law enforcement authorities arrested David Taylor, 28, and charged him with one count of aggravated assault early Thursday morning, according to a Natrona County Sheriff's deputy's affidavit and the jail roster.

Deputy Mark Bahr joined Midwest Police Chief Jamie Jones and Midwest fire personnel Wednesday night at a residence on South Main Street in Midwest where they saw blood on the floor and met a man holding a blood-soaked rag against his head.

Fire personnel treated the alleged victim and took him to the Wyoming Medical Center for treatment.

Jones told Bahr the victim and was joined another man at the South Main Street residence when Taylor came over to commiserate with the victim because both men's mothers recently died.

Taylor was extremely intoxicated and tried to give the victim a "'drunken hug.'"

The victim resisted because he had severe back pain, but Taylor persisted and became physically aggressive.

The victim told Taylor to leave because he was too intoxicated and obnoxious, he and the other man pushed Taylor out the door, and he seemed to leave willingly.

The other man walked into the kitchen, heard a loud crash and the victim scream.

Taylor was on top of the victim, who was hold a large framing hammer in his right hand.

The other man pulled Taylor off the victim, placed him in a bear hug, and dragged him to the door. Taylor then went to his sport utility vehicle and sped away.

The victim told the other man Taylor struck him in the head with the hammer, and the other man put a towel on the victim's head and called 911.

Deputy Bahr photographed the residence and fresh acceleration marks on the street. He was unable to find the hammer.

Other sheriff's deputies searched the Edgeron, Midwest and gas plant areas for Taylor.

Another deputy went to the Wyoming Medical Center and spoke with the victim and document his injuries.

Early Thursday, Jones learned Taylor's girlfriend was at an address in Edgerton.

Taylor asked another woman to pick him up at a truck stop and take him to a pond. She drove to the residence of the girlfriend, who was scared of Taylor.

The other woman told deputies she would call Taylor and bring him to the residence. She did, and Jones and Bahr arrested him there.

Bahr took Taylor to the Sheriff's Office for an interview at 2:50 a.m., and he was booked into the jail later that day.

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