This idea may have been a little bit poolish.

Officials in Philadelphia have yanked block party privileges for a neighborhood in the Kensington section of the city after a few people rented a dumpster and filled it with water to turn it into a pool.

The city released a statement explaining why no one should use a dumpster as a pool:

First and foremost, this could reduce the amount of water available should a fire break out in that neighborhood. So if you would like to have water available should a fire break out in your home, don’t illegally tap a hydrant.
There is also the potential loss of life by injury due to the hydrant water pushing a small child or even an adult into oncoming traffic.
Finally, remember that the pressure of the water coming out of the hydrant is so strong, and so powerful, that if opened too quickly or closed too quickly, it could deliver a jolt to the main of sufficient force that could break the main … and many blocks could lose water service until it is repaired."

The statement went on to say, "We are not screwing around, Philly."

Photos of the dumpster (and the fire hydrant which filled it) made its way onto Instagram, which helped create a buzz about the unusual setup.

Justyn Myers, one of the people responsible for the dumpster pool, told Billy Penn a dumpster makes sense because "it’s sturdy, it’s rentable and I can just give it back," adding that it cost $250 to rent, although it took calling nearly 10 companies before they found one that agreed to go along with their plan.

Myers also said it took nearly an hour-and-a-half and 3,000 gallons of water to fill the dumpster.

Guess Philadelphia will have to make due being innovation central for popcorn vendors and umpires on power trips.

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