When does a wandering eye becomes much more than that?

Britain's IllicitEncounters, which bills itself as "the UK's leading married-dating website," found that most people cheat at the age of 39.

In fact, people are most likely to stray in years when their age ends in 9. After 39, the most popular age is 49, followed by 29. There must be something about the impending turning of a decade that causes people to realize they need to do something to prove they're not losing something off their fastball or hook up with someone they shouldn't be caught naked with to feel alive in a way their wives, husbands or significant others just can't help with anymore.

As for why those in a committed relationship decided to dip their toes in a pool they're not supposed to be swimming, well, there are several reasons, according to Illicit Encounters.

1. Lack of excitement in the bedroom at home – 76%
2. The opportunity came along – 54%
3. Being bored with your current partner – 46%
4. Reconnecting with an old flame on social media – 28%
5. Fancying a change – 22%

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