A lot of things have changed in such a short amount of time. From 1980-2010 malls across the country have become kind of obsolete. Our very own mall isn't immune to the changes either. It's still fun to look back at how things were in the '80s and thanks to an article I found on Digg.com we get to look back on how much has changed.

Take a look at these photos from Flashback and tell me it doesn't bring back some memories for you.

The first thing that I noticed when looking through the photos on Digg.com was their clothing. I'm not sure what all the rage was about denim and super bright-colored clothing, but they somehow made it work.

This is the closest video I could find online at our mall back in the day. Although it's nowhere close to the 1980s.

Beyond that malls around the entire country were a place where people came together to window shop and check out all the latest fashion trends and sit down for a meal in the food court.

Of course, I can't leave out the one thing that really drew younger crowds to the mall, that's right I'm talking about arcades. They were literally the best places in every mall. I'm sure we all remember Aladdin's Castle. If you don't you're probably not from Casper.

Now as we look at the current state of our malls it is kind of a sad state they are in. Desolate empty places with businesses closing left and right. The 80s seemed to be a good time for local business and human connection.

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