Over the last few weeks terrorists detonated a bomb in Manchester, England following a performance by artist Ariana Grande.  Terrorists then drove a van on to the sidewalk on London Bridge killing pedestrians before crashing their van and then jumping out and going on a stabbing spree.  These attacks have left dozens of people dead and over 100 or more injured.  

Even with all the security precautions and screenings that happen at concerts and sporting events as fans enter arena in the USA we wanted to know your feelings about security in our country or have your feelings of security been dashed.


It also brought to mind that here in the US we have a large number of sporting events and concerts that attract thousands of people. Including right here in Wyoming!

Thousands of people will be coming to the Cowboy State this summer for events like the Eclipse Festival in August and major sporting events and concerts like during Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Could something like what happened in England happen in the USA?  Unfortunately, Yes it could, although it is very unlikely to happen on US soil. But even with our faith in local and national law enforcement and other national security agencies, there is always a risk of 'something' happening when a large crowds gather.

So we asked you - Do you feel safe while attending events where large crowds gather, like concerts or sporting events?  You responded and let us know your thoughts and the results are in...

When it comes to safety in crowds in Wyoming, over 85% feel safe although at different levels.  46% feel MOSTLY SAFE, while 39% feel VERY SAFE when attending crowded events in the Cowboy State.

On the other side of the scale, 12% feel A BIT UNSAFE in large Wyoming crowds and only 3% feel VERY UNSAFE when in a large crowd.

If you'd like to give us your opinion, pleas do by answering out poll question below.


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