After apprehension in recent days that cloud cover or thunderstorms may prevent folks in Wyoming from seeing Monday's total solar eclipse, K2 Radio Meteorologist Don Day has some great news.

In his latest eclipse weather update, Day details two areas where some high clouds could get in the way. Riverton, Laramie, Cheyenne, Torrington and Gillette and areas south of Jackson could all see clouds. But Day emphasizes that the areas will not be completely overcast, and, in many areas, the clouds will be transparent and will not totally obscure the eclipse.

Meanwhile, Casper -- which will see the greatest duration of totality -- will see the most clear skies on Monday, as will Glenrock and Douglas.

Day gives Casper less than a 20-percent chance of seeing cloud cover at totality on Monday, which is expected at 11:42:40 a.m.

Those odds increase to 25 percent for Douglas and Glendo, 30-40 percent in Riverton with high clouds and 30-40 percent for Wheatland and Torrington. Jackson, though, still has only a 20 percent chance of cloud cover at totality.

Elsewhere in the state, the odds of cloud cover at totality are 30-40 percent.

Monday's weather is expected to be dry. Fire danger over the weekend has been exceptionally high, so visitors and residents alike would do well to use caution when it comes to cigarette butts and the like.

Isolated afternoon thunderstorms could hit the far eastern counties after the eclipse.

Some smoke and haze will be present in the northern, central and western counties, largely resulting from wildfires on the west coast and in Montana.

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