If things are looking a little hazy to you, you're not alone. Wednesday's cold front brought cooler temperatures, but the change in weather has also contributed to the smoke and hazy conditions in the Casper area and much of western Wyoming.

DayWeather meteorologist Julie Gondzar says the smoke is coming from a combination of wildfires that are currently burning. The biggest grouping of fires producing the smoke is in south-central Montana, and other small fires across northwest Wyoming are contributing as well.

If you're looking ahead to the Beartrap Summer Festival on Casper Mountain this weekend, Gondzar says the smoke and haze will start to decrease with a change in wind direction on Friday, but there's still a chance for some to linger into mid-day Sunday.

Meantime, health officials say smoke can irritate the eyes, aggravate respiratory problems, and worsen symptoms of heart of lung disease. They suggest limiting exposure when possible.

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