Casper police on Sunday arrested a man who allegedly beat his girlfriend and used his truck to ram her vehicle while she was inside.

Steven John Lamorie, 51, was booked into jail on recommended charges of aggravated assault, domestic battery and property destruction. He will likely make his initial appearance in Natrona County Circuit Court at 2 p.m. Monday.

Charging papers say police officers responded to 8 Cacti Place for a report of a family fight shortly before 9 p.m. Sunday. The victim was found bloody and trapped inside a damaged Jeep Liberty, but the man who was involved had taken off.

After the victim was freed, she told police that she was in a dating relationship with Steven Lamorie. She often stayed with him, but had her own residence in Evansville.

On Sunday, the couple started to argue, and she threw a pot of cooked food at Lamorie. He allegedly proceeded to beat her severely.

The victim somehow ended up outside the trailer home. Lamorie's truck was parked in the driveway and he got inside the vehicle to leave, and the victim got into her Jeep in an effort to stop Lamorie from leaving because she wanted to talk to him.

Lamorie allegedly backed into the victim's Jeep, and glass shattered all over her. Lamorie got his truck out of the drive and left the area.

The victim refused to complete a domestic violence report, but a witness corroborated her statement regarding the vehicle collision. Police officers found evidence including blood and fresh tire burn marks.

As officers continued to process the scene, a woman walked up and said she had Lamorie with her.

Lamorie told police that he had been trying to leave in order to "do the right thing" when the victim suddenly pulled her Jeep in behind his truck, and the vehicles collided. Lamorie also said he was on federal parole for a prior drug charge.

Police found no visible evidence of the victim having hit Lamorie, as he claimed. Lamorie was taken to jail, where his blood-alcohol concentration was reportedly indicated at 0.11.

Lamorie's criminal history, according to the affidavit, includes a 2008 conviction for domestic battery as well as older convictions for aggravated assault, child abuse, interference and a number of drug-related convictions.