The City of Casper is prominently featured in a new documentary about the phenomenon of the total solar eclipse, why it's so special to so many people, and how communities in the path of totality are preparing for the big event on August 21st, 2017.

"Totality: The American Eclipse" is available on Amazon and seeks to answer the question, "what is so special about a total eclipse?" according to its creators. Here's the description on the Amazon page:

"Totality explores why a total solar eclipse has such a profound influence on those who witness it and how the upcoming American eclipse is impacting towns across the U.S. as they prepare for their populations to quadruple overnight. It's not just about the rare occurrence of the sun, the moon and the earth being in perfect alignment; it's about coming to terms with this mesmerizing phenomena."

Many Casper and Wyoming residents are featured in the film, including the Executive Director of the Wyoming Eclipse Festival Anna Wilcox, Natrona County Emergency Manager Lt. Stew Anderson, Jennifer Sorenson of Atlantic Aviation, Sheriff's deputy Joe Wistisen, and K2's own meteorologist Don Day.

You'll see a lot of familiar places and faces as the filmmakers document the many processes and issues involved with preparing for the eclipse. Those include a record number of airplanes landing at the Natrona County International Airport, safety issues, residents renting out their homes and land to travelers, and how restaurants and other businesses plan to deal with the expected crowds. Some 35,000 people are expected to travel to the Casper area for the event.

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