Being a parent is the most rewarding thing that many of us will experieince. The worst thing that could ever happen is to have your child go missing - no matter the circumstance.

Currently, there are 7 kids missing from Wyoming according to The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children. 

I implore you to keep an eye out this summer while you are out with your family visiting the national parks or driving through some of these towns in Wyoming to help bring these kids back to their families!

1. Amanda Gillian: Missing since Oct. 13th, 1997 from Gillette Wy. Age now: 35

2. Deborah Meyer: Missing since Aug. 4th, 1974 5'4 Hair & eye color: Brown. Credit:

3. Reagan Uden: Missing since September 12th, 1980. Hair & eye color are both brown.

4. Patrick Ghering: Missing from Gillette Wy. since Oct. 13th, 1997. Hair & eye color: Brown.

5. Luke Sandburg: Although he went missing just outside of Yellowstone there's still a strong chance he could be in any one of the surrounding states. Or right here in Wyoming. Luke does have brown hair with hazel eyes and was last seen falling into the Yellowstone River.