The Fourth of July is approaching and I bet you have not yet thought about what you are going to wear for that special day.  Am I right, or am I right?  Well, thank goodness for my awesome sense of style when it comes to sporting that number one symbol of America... The American Flag.  I have done some research and have came up with, what I think, is the best pieces of clothing for this years Independence Day. Enjoy! And God Bless America!!!

#5 - The All American Bodysuit

If you think you can pull off a full bodied piece of America then this lovely look is just what the doctor ordered. It would look totally hot with some cut-offs, acid-wash jeans, or maybe just wear the bodysuit by it's self with a glittery American flag mani-pedi.......oh even with the #4 pick.

#4 - The Flag Spandex Pants

This garment is all about multi-tasking on the Fourth of July. Wake up in the morning slip these bad boys on for your morning run. After that, lounge around in your lawn chair on the beach and let the babes check out your level of poised patriotism. Then at night, take those threads out for a night on the town. Dance away at your favorite patriotic party without worrying about anything keeping you from busting your favorite move on the dance floor.

#3 - The "I'm tOo hot for my Shoes" Star and Stripe Wedges

If you thought only the Spice Girls and the members of KISS could pull off those high platformed shoes then think again. This year's fireworks show would not be complete without you and/or your bestie walking around in these one of a kind diva shoes.  Bring your confidence, runway strut, and hot date and make this years fireworks festivities one to be remembered.

#2 - The American Cowboy favorite: Western USA Flag Shirt

If you have ever been to a rodeo or if you are a true Wyomingite then you know what I'm talking about when I say this is a Cowboys favorite thing to wear on a night full of Star Spangled Banners and music by Toby Keith.  Show your patriotism off best while roping those steers at the home town 4th of July rodeo with this little gem.  If this shirt doesn't scream "Yee Haa 'Merca Pride" then I don't know what does.

#1 - The "Proud to be an American" USA flag Daisy Dukes

Put on these true American beauties and get ready to use that line that you've been waiting to use since your senior prom....."Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, hate me because your boyfriend thinks so." With these short little shortys wrapped tightly around your high thigh you won't be able to keep the boys off you. Daisy wore them on the Dukes of Hazard so why not YOU wear them on the Fourth of July. Make momma proud and put on your best pair of boots (or the #3 pick) with these hotties and party like is July 4th, 1969.