While the general consensus is that freedom of speech is the most American important constitutional right, I have always thought the right to vote is equally important.

For that reason, I was happy to see how well Casper showed up to the various polling locations yesterday (August 16th, 2022). At some locations, like the Restoration Church and the Industrial Building at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds, had substantial lines, but this did not deter the populace at all.

Local, state and county elections, in my humble opinion, are more important than the quadrennial elections for the United States president, because the individual outcomes of these effect the average Wyomingite on more of a day-to-day basis.

That being said, it was refreshing to see people not only waiting patiently in the voting lines, but also seeing friendly banter amongst one another. I didn't witness any arguments, disagreements and I didn't hear any disparaging comments, about either candidates or voters.

Respect was a big part of my education growing up (as was the importance of voting), so seeing this made me extremely proud to be a Wyomingite, no matter my personal point of view.

If we can be this cordial on an election day, it would be a nice change of pace to see more of this type of behavior on a daily basis.

Regardless, it was equally refreshing to see so many of my fellow Casperites, of all ages ranges, ethnicities and walks of life, exercising their right to vote.

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