Admit it: You have a dirty mind. Whether it’s mundane office conversation or the occasional double entendre, not a day goes by that your life isn’t filled with examples of things that sound dirty, but are not.

Marketing experts realize this; savvy marketers use it to their advantage, because you will remember something whose title has a little zest to it. For instance, The Klitch is a footwear clip that helps keep your sneakers, cleats or running shoes together on your way to and from a workout. Despite its dirty name, The Klitch is actually an essential item for those into playing hard. No more agonizing hours spent tying to work out knots near the opening, just move your hands around the Klitch and you’ll get exactly the result you want.

Here is our list of six products that sound dirty, but really aren’t. These naughty-named items might generate a snicker at the register, but they are never forgotten thanks to their unique names.

The Klitch

While the Klitch may be new to you, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to know more about it. Everyone, especially guys, should be able to locate The Klitch and know how to manipulate it so that it is helping them achieve satisfaction. We can only imagine that those who choose to ignore The Klitch just aren’t as much fun to play with. See what we did there? Click here to start using your own Klitch.

Nutter Butter

Few products deliver the rich, hearty taste of nuts into your mouth like Nutter Butter. There are other ways of delivering nutrient-rich nuts right to your body, but few are as sweet and tasty as Nutter Butter. While some people are less eager than others, most come around to the unique texture of a Nutter Butter, which is close to having the real thing just resting there on your tongue.


To many, it may seem like only ladies receive the benefits of high quality silicone products. This is not the case. Any man — and many women — can appreciate quality caulk. Whether it’s in the tub, the kitchen, the garage, and especially around the windows of your bedroom, some thick, strong caulk applied in the right place can improve your quality of life.

The Snuggie

The Snuggie sounds less like a wearable blanket and more like a word a woman would use to describe a lingering issue to her OB-GYN. “Yeah, my Snuggie has been itching for the past couple days. Probably exposure to too much hot caulk.”

Ding Dongs

Whether you are male or female, it would be sad for you to go through life without the benefit of a having a Ding Dong. For years, people have filled up on Ding Dongs, often delivered by others who pride themselves on the fact that the more Ding Dongs they have, the better off they are. While many enjoy a single Ding Dong — sometimes with milk — there are others who prefer to take on a few Ding Dongs all at one setting.

Pulled Pork

It used to be that the only way to achieve pulled pork was to start when no one else was around and hope that you were able to finish by the time they returned. Thanks to advanced technology, people are pulling pork now more than ever before. Whereas in the past, only a few would admit to pulling the pork, now everyone seems to be doing it. Better still, you can practically achieve it in seconds.