The often eccentric and enigmatic rapper and producer, Kanye West is said to be hiding out in the Cowboy State while working on new music. If this is true, we have some ideas of artists or groups he should work with while he's here.

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    This Cheyenne rapper's name says it all (Y-O... as in WYO). If you're going to work with a homegrown rapper, you might as well start with the guy whose moniker matches the state.

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    Doc Suess

    Doc is a Casper native that is very well-traveled. He's been in the Battle Rap Circuit, deep in the Denver underground Hip-Hop community and always makes sure he reps the 307 where ever he goes.

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    Lue Kazi

    You may not be familiar with the name yet (since he recently changed his moniker), but Lue Kazi has been killing it on the mic, as well as the production side for years. He's been back in forth between Casper and California making hits for the better part of 15 years!

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    Of everyone on this list, Aquile is probably the most commercially successful. He's been on national television (NBC's The Voice), sung the national anthem at a MLB game (San Diego Padres) and is always dropping new music videos of original music, as well as covers on his personal YouTube page. He's a natural!

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    Mr. 5-Foot-Something a.k.a. Addiction has been making beats and spitting rhymes since his high school days. Born and raised in Casper, but sporting a very distinctive West Coast sound, he definitely brings flavor to the genre.

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