Up to 80,000 fans were expected for the Hell & Heaven Metal Fest coming up March 15 and 16 just outside Mexico City. However, the event, which features KISS, Guns N’ Roses, Twisted Sister, Rob Zombie, Testament and Opeth, is in doubt after being stopped by the Mexican state government. However, the organizers say the festival will go on as planned.

The government cited the lack of safety plans when deciding to scrub the event, according to the Associated Press. The state sent 300 riot police to surround the fairgrounds where the festival is to be held. They also issued a statement saying they are not allowing the event "because safety conditions for potential concert-goers were not ensured."

Many say the move was politically motivated, because the town of Texcoco is governed by the Citizen's Movement Party. The state is run by the opposing Institutional Revolutionary Party.

Some of the bands have issued statements about the controversy. On their Facebook page this morning, Twisted Sister posted the following: "Mexico -- As far as we know and as far as we are concerned WE ARE COMING TO MEXICO to rock for all of you S.M.F.'S."

One of the concert's organizers vowed the show would go on. "This is not a question of discrimination against heavy metal, it is more about political and financial interests," said Javier Castaneda.

The festival remains on the tour schedule of many of the bands on the bill, and we'll keep you updated on any new developments.