This subject is quite easy for me.  I'd like to think that throughout my entire life, I've always known what I have to offer.  And it ain't my looks, nor my foul mouth...lets continue this painfully long list after the jump.

OK here are some unattractive things about me:

  1. I love to curse like a sailor.  I know it makes me less credible, but I love it!
  2. Flat chested.  For a long time this irked me.  Now, not so much.  It is what it is. Plus I don't always have to wear a bra.  Perks!  LOL
  3. Grey hairs.  I started getting grey hair when I turned 22.  At first, I died my hair all the time and spent hours pulling out the grey hair.  Today, I'm letting it ride.  Plus I'm sick of getting carded for beers.
  4. I'm NOT a morning person.  You could be the President of the United States and I could care less if it's in the morning.  I need my coffee, now leave me along Obama!
  5. I'm shallow.  I tend to only care about what I want, when I want it, that's it.  I'm learning and trying really hard to stop doing this.  Heck, I'll be married soon.  See that, I said "heck."
  6. I work A LOT.  I enjoy working alone for hours on a computer, sometimes more so then socializing.
  7. This one could be related to number six.  I am socially awkward.  When I meet people for the first time, I am so nervous.  So nervous, that only stupid and weird things come out of my mouth.  Never fails.
  8. I suck at being around kids.  I say the wrong things and never know how to act around them.
  9. I'm overweight.  I've always been.  I'm working on it every day and this one is getting better and better everyday.
  10. My skin.  It's pale, hypersensitive and I sun burn way too easily.

Most of these you probably already know, based on reading my blogs.  Oh and I'm sure there are more unattractive things about me, but I'm at the point where I'm over it.  I am what I am.  Of course, I want to continue to always be improving AND there are always haters.  But like I said, my unattractive ass is pretty happy where I am.

Have you ever thought of your unattractive attributes?  Don't leave me hanging and share yours in the comments below.