After the passing of horror legend, Wes Craven last month (August 30th, 2015), there only seems one sure fire way to honor his memory. How you ask? By spending Halloween watching, in my opinion, his greatest movies, whether written or directed by the "King of Scream".

1.) Scream -  This is the one that started it all. Although it may not have had all the supernatural elements, there's enough suspense, drama, shock and comedy to get you started for this All Hallow's Eve. Not to mention, this is the beginning of the iconic Ghostface mask and voice changer (not to be confused with the Wu-Tang Clan rapper of the same name). The Scream Franchise has spanned a total of 4 movies and a new television series.

2.) A Nightmare on Elm Street - This is another iconic franchise and for more than one reason. These movies not only introduced us to the dream-powered, claw-wielding Freddy Krueger, but it was also the acting debut of Johnny Deep. The Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise spawned 9 films and a The Twilight Show-themed television series.

3.) The Hills Have Eyes - These movies are scary because they are beyond weird and frightening, they're also just a little sick and twisted. The original was released in 1977, with a sequel being released in 1984, but they were rebooted in 2006. Of all the movies on this list, this would be the one (or ones, if you're going to watch all 4), that I wouldn't recommend watching alone.

4.) Shocker - Although considered a comedy and a horror flick, in 1989, this movie had some moments that scared the crap out of me. Watching it now, I do laugh more than scream, but that's often the case with most of Wes Craven's earlier works. No matter how cheesy it may seem now, it most definitely still is a must watch for Halloween.

5.) My Soul to Take - This is one of Craven's last works that he wrote himself. It's widely considered an "okay" offering a best, I thought it was a decent enough movie. Having been released in 2010 around the time the Paranormal Activity and Saw franchises were picking up steam, it got pretty much swept under the rug. Regardless, if only to honor his legacy, you still need to check it out.

If there are any others I may have forgotten, please comment below.