I grew up watching professional wrestling every weekend. Ever since I first saw King Kong Bundy dropped the elbow on Little Beaver in Wrestlemania III, I've been fascinated with little people.

Which is why this story fills me with both fear and happiness. According to a Daily Mail article, a terrorist group in Syria has a new secret weapon. Meet Abu Ahmad Al-Chihuahua. Standing at a diminutive three feet tall, this little guy might be the world's tiniest terrorist. Click here to see more pictures of the pint sized soldier posing with a machine gun that's nearly as tall as he is

Al-Chihuahua is, reportedly, a member of the group Jabhat Al-Nusra, an organization linked to Al-Qaeda. The rebel faction has been fighting the Syrian regime for several years and currently occupies the highly contested Idlib province.

While Al-Chihuahua is, by all accounts, the smallest Syrian rebel, he's the not the first little person to take up arms in the middle east. Back in 2011, a YouTube video appeared to show another dwarf who was a member of the Taliban resistance in Afghanistan.