Axl Rose once said "If you want a tattoo, think about it for one year. If you still want it, get it". Probably the best thing he ever said...

Yesterday, I took the day off to get some much needed ink therapy. For a few years, I have been contemplating this particular piece of skin art. While I really wanted it, I had an issue with getting some ink on a spot that I couldn't cover up. What if I change jobs? What if I need to talk to a banker? What if...well, there was a lot of what-ifs.

I finally decided that I could live with the results, and then I figured I would take a few photos of the process.

Pre-Tattoo - Rock 96.7
Gettin' Started - Rock 96.7
This Is Starting To Hurt - Rock 96.7
Tee Roy's Tatt - Rock 96.7















As you can see, the finished product is killer. Since I liked it so much, I decided to post what I thought was a slick pose, and make it my Facebook profile photo:

Facebook Pic - Rock 96.7

I'll admit that the picture is goofy, which represents me perfectly. The problem - which I should have foreseen, knowing my friends - is that this is a perfect pose for some photo-shopping. The first person to mess with it was our very own John Riggs:

Photo Shop - John Riggs

Never saw it coming, but it was creative and funny! But then, this happened...

Tattoo-Censored - Rock 96.7


Moral of the story? Be careful what you post on Facebook, or any other social media site. Sure, you can get upset when somebody doctors or steals your photos, but the truth is, that won't stop somebody from taking liberties with your pictures. You put it on the web, and it becomes fair game.

While I think it's funny - and refuse to take it down - some people have told me "you can sue!" Obviously, I'm not going that route, but the fact that there are people who think that's an option just goes to show that most people have some huge misconceptions as to what "rights" they may have...