This Friday, a group of local musicians and artists are hosting a community fundraiser at the VFW 991 on West 1st street.

Featuring local music, a live tattoo artist, haircuts and more, this is an all ages event that begins at 5pm. Door fee is $5. For more information, read below, or hit up the Facebook event page:

Community Concert & Fundraiser !!!

Live performances, tattooing, hairstyling, and street art join forces on Friday February 13th, to benefit the community, local creativity and individual awareness.

The Performers...

John Kirlin & The High Plains Drifters
Bearded Bastards
And... Michael Ruiz!!!
Hosted By - AlpHaMatic!!!

The center piece of the evening will be raffles, and support for a special project, The Casper FreeWall - a public, free, mural/graffiti wall built by the community for its community.