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Corey Taylor Talks About The Future Of Slipknot [VIDEO]
Stopping off in Birmingham, England, on the publicity tour for his #1 selling book ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ Corey Taylor took part in a Q & A session with fans and performed a number of acoustic songs.
During the session he talked fondly of Paul Gray and gave fans an insigh…
Slipknot Will Always Exist, Today’s Rock Music News [VIDEO]
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Hey, we're flattered! Feel free to steal these and post them on your facebook, website, or whatever...we just ask that you give credit where it's due.
Slipknot Will Always Exist, Axl Rose Has More Music Recorded, Scott Weiland B…
2011 Ozzfest Canceled, Today’s Rock Music News [VIDEO]
2011 Ozzfest Canceled, New Avenged Sevenfold Video Tribute To Late Drummer, Mike Portnoy Made A Mistake Quiting Dream Theater. All Of Today's Music News Here
2011 Ozzfest Canceled
It’s official: there will be no Ozzfest in 2011.
“No, this year,” says Oz…

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