Pop Cultural Reasons Why Nick Was A 22-Year-Old Virgin [PHOTOS]
So, I went through most of my life as a virgin. 22 years to be exact. There were a multitude of reasons for this, but I never really thought about them…until I found myself immersed in them via a host of Halloween costumes. These costumes reminded me that there certain aspects of pop culture …
Does This Video Offend You?
I think this video is funny, but I totally understand how it could offend some people and offend it did. Originally, the video below was a Red Bull commercial that aired in South Africa. It was pulled because it offended both Christians and Muslims. See for yourself…are you offended? Subscrib…
Pole Dancing For Jesus [VIDEO]
Ever ask yourself  “What Would Jesus Do”? Well, in Texas, they think it involves strippers… Subscribe to Rock 96.7 on Youtube