On Wednesday, October, 15th the National Honor Society from Natrona County High School will host "Community Impact Night" at Pizza Ranch.This event goes from 5-8pm with all tips being donated to the Heifer Foundation.

Only those who come specifically for the fundraiser will have their ticket balance donated to the foundation.

Here's the scoop on The Heifer Foundation:

The Heifer foundation provides farming animals for many impoverished families around the world, as well as the training necessary to use them. This allows the family to begin to provide for themselves by using the animal to plow fields, produce fertilizer, produce offspring and ultimately become a food source in itself. Over time, one cow, pig or goat can become a gift for others as more offspring are born, and thus one animal could potentially lift an entire community out of poverty. More information on the foundation can be found on their official website http://www.heifer.org/about-heifer/index.html