Recently the guys who run the Internet Archive have decided to archive a lot of old video games. We're talking over 900 classic video games that you can play right through your Internet browser.With so many options, where to begin? Sure, you've heard of Frogger, Space Invaders and many others on this list, but what about the others? Here are my 10 recommendations that I'd invite you to check out when you get the chance.

In Bagman, you play an ore robber trying to avoid the prospector who's looking to get you. Take the bags of money and run! You can also drop bags of money on the prospector or even use the pick axe to knock him out, buying you more time to escape. This is a classic arcade game that I spend many quarters on in the early 80s.

There was a time when I called this my favorite video game of all time. The idea is you have to get into the different houses in this neighborhood to find parts of the machine. If you find a piece, you have to place it on the blueprint. If you get a bomb, you have only a matter of moments before it detonates so throw it in the bomb disposal. Once the machine is built you can use it to get your lady-friend back from the monster that's chasing her at the top of the screen.

Crystal Castles
You play as Bentley Bear on his quest to get all the crystals. Like Pac-Man by nature, it's a twist on the tradition 'collect all of the items to move to the next round' as there's a 3D element involved. Another one of my favorites.

Domino Man
I specifically remember playing this at Mr. C's Pizza. I was never very good at it, but I loved the idea. You stack up the dominos while avoiding enemies or swatting them away with your oversized dominos and, to pass the level, you knock them all over once they're set. I promise, it's more fun than I explained.

Food Fight
I'm not sure what I liked more about this game, throwing the piles of food at the enemies or the animation at the end where you eat the ice cream cone? Super fun game. The idea is to get to the melting ice cream at the end of the level. Your weapon are the piles of food that are places throughout the screen.

Yes, like the band, Journey. In what was probably one of the first celebrity endorsements in video games the band Journey had their own arcade game. The idea is to get each band member to their instrument of choice and, once the band is all set, you play as the bouncer who has to knock fans away from the stadium as it's already at full capacity.

Another 'Donkey Kong' type game where you're the mother kangaroo looking to get your joey back. You're packed with boxing gloves to punch the monkeys that get in your way.

Mr. Do's Wild Ride
There were several Mr. Do games, but this one stood out to me. You have to run on a roller coaster track to get to the end. Naturally, you have to avoid the roller coaster cars and other obstacles along the way. Who thinks of this stuff?

Roc N' Rope
Imagine Donkey Kong but you also have a grappling hook. This game has you climing to the top, but you have the added assist of a rope that you can launch to climb. Enemies want to climb it, too, and try to knock you off. Good luck!

Pretty interesting idea for a game. Instead of just shooting anything and everything, you have to shoot two of the same enemy before they both disappear adding an extra element to this title.

Honorable Mentions

Kids today don't know how good they have it. I would've killed for a machine to play all of these classic games without spending any quarters. A few games like Black Tiger, Elevator Action and even games as recent as Street Fighter II, all for free.

If you're familiar with the bar scene in the movie Wreck-it Ralph, you'll recognize that as the location of Tapper, another one of my favorites.

Happy playing!