Ever played?  Don't worry, no firearms are needed, just good friends and canned beer.  After the jump, I'll explain the rules.

Here's how you play:

First, you wait for someone to get up.  Once that happens you yell "Sench You Was."  You've got to slur it a little.  This phrase "Sench You Was" means: since your getting up anyways, can you please get me another beer too.  OK Maybe it's not that polite and it's a demand, not a question.  You get the idea.

So, the next time you become the beer bitch, you agree to get the beers, but when you pick them up and your hidden from your unsuspecting pray, you shake the hell out of those canned beers.  Now you can only shake one or shake them all and play dump. :-)

Once your beer is all shook up, it's up to you.  You can either mix the beers up and hand them out, then no one will know which one will explode.  Or you can just give the shaken beer to anyone you want.  Cherry pick if you will.

Once they open their beer and boom it explodes, you then yell "BEER ROULETTE!"

Beware!  Once you've done this, you've opened the door for others to do it to you.

Ever played?