Yesterday, my boss handed me this Bug-A-Salt gun, and told me to make a video. Knowing that I tend to be a smart ass in my videos, he didn't give me any guidelines, and said "have fun!" Awesome!...Except, I have no ideas. That's where you come in.

The "Bug-A-Salt" gun is exactly as the name says - a gun that shoots salt at bugs. You fill this little chamber with regular table salt, then pull the trigger when you see a pesky insect. I've already shot everybody in my office, and it doesn't hurt. That's a bummer. I went out to find some bugs, but the weather isn't playing along. So, what else can I do with this gun? You can comment on this post with your ideas, or email me at I'll take my favorite 5-10 ideas, and incorporate them into a video, but I need to have this completed by the end of the week. They say the best ideas are somebody else's...what's yours?