Big changes around Rock 96.7 – as A) Tee-Roy moves to afternoons, thereby fulfilling his lifelong dream of sleeping past 5am and being able to go back to the bar, and B) Casper gets set to welcome a brand new morning show in the form of Free Beer & Hot Wings!

Regular guys, having fun every Monday through Saturday from 5-10am, getting into occasional trouble and talking about stuff you care about.  Why the name?  Because The Gregg and Chris Show would have been the most boring sounding radio show in the world, and this is admittedly nothing more than a cheap ploy to get people to listen under the false pretense that they may actually have a chance to win beer and/or hot wings.  The nicknames stuck, and now Gregg and Chris have to live with the consequences of their B.S. forever.  Gregg “Free Beer” Daniels, one of the founding members of the show – is known for his many verbal screw-ups, a vast knowledge of sports, and occasionally laughing like Ricky Ricardo from old episodes of “I Love Lucy”.  (It’s freakish.)  Chris “Hot Wings” Michaels is the other founding member of the show, also known as the “Mayor Of Awesometown” and the “Minista Of Flava”.  He loves muscle cars, hates liberals, and writes daily commentaries about politics and pop culture called “What Hot Wings Thinks”, that will likely reference one of both of those things.  Eric Zane has been in radio since 9th grade, when highlights at his high school radio station included getting drunk and “scratching” records on the air, Public Enemy style.  He sucked.  Zane is an alcoholic, quit drinking in June of 1996 and has never slipped.  Producer Joe joined the show full-time 8 years ago, and was fairly inept – but they kept him around because he worked cheap, and was entertaining to watch as he gained and lost weight (earning him the nickname “Joprah”).  He is also occasionally known as “Donkey Teeth” because of his giant, donkey-like front teeth.  He is featured in the weekly segment “What Can Joe Do”, where he is asked to spin a wheel with twelve stunts, and complete the stunt that comes up.  (Please submit any ideas, the more painful and humiliating the better.)