Eric Zane told us recently that he took the plunge and bought an RV.

Unfortunately, after buying said RV, he realized how insanely expensive the road to freedom is.

So, instead of selling his scooter like he had previously planned, he has decided to dust off the two-wheeled beast, drive it to work every day and save some money.

Zane is planning a big family vacation next summer.

They'll be hopping in the RV and taking it to Glacier National Park in northern Montana.

But that's going to cost a ton of money just in gas. So, Zane calculated that if he rides the scooter to work for the next 30 weeks or so, he'll save enough money to pay for HALF of the gas he'll need.

That sounds awful.

So, now that the weather is getting a little cold, lil' buddy has to bundle up a bit for his scoot into work in the morning. This is how he looked when he walked in the studio for "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" today.

Eric Zane, of "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show," shows off the outfit he dons for riding his scooter into work as he saves money for an RV trip next summer. (Photo: Free Beer & Hot Wings)

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings