We wish this news was the April Fool's joke and that Pink Floyd thing was real. But Pitchfork is reporting that a representative for the band confirmed that Kliph Scurlock is no longer a member of the Flaming Lips.

He joined in 2002 as the band's live drummer. His departure comes after rumors of his absence spread among Twitter fans and on the music blog the Future Heart.

Scurlock played the hell out of some drums on the band's most recent album, 'Terror,' as well as on the Lips' 2009 psych-rock masterpiece 'Embryonic.' There is no word yet as to whether or not the group has a replacement lined up. The Flaming Lips are scheduled to start touring Europe and the U.S. on May 17, and they'll be playing almost all summer long.

The Lips have been pretty active in the news lately. Along with the April Fool's day prank meant to poke fun at innocent, unassuming music bloggers (clears throat loudly), the band's singer and resident nudist Wayne Coyne Instagrammed a photo of giraffe-human hybrid Miley Cyrus rolling a joint in the recording studio, sparking rumors that the artists are collaborating on some future project.