Every company tries to fit so much into a slogan. They want to tell you what the product does, how it's better than the competition, and it has to be catchy...all in just a few short words. The problem with most slogans is they are made up by a bunch of people at an ad agency that are trying to sell the most units possible. This usually means some misdirection, which isn't quite fair to us consumers. I've taken 5 everyday products, and given them a realistic slogan. If you have one to add, put it in the comment section:

1. Google –

Proof your friends are idiots

2. Viagara –

She can’t complain if her mouth is full

3. Frito-Lay –

Face it…you’re high, and you’ll eat whatever’s in this bag.

4. NyQuil –

Because being sick doesn’t leave a bad enough taste in your mouth

5. Charmin –

Your hole is our goal