When Ivan Moody and Five Finger Death Punch took the stage at the Casper Events Center, no one would have guessed that just a few minutes into the show, the band's singer and front-man, Ivan Moody would threaten to shut the show down completely... but that's exactly what happened just before the band broke into American Capitalist.

Anyone who has ever been to a rock concert knows that there are bound to be a few concert-goers willing to bend the rules. One such rule at the Casper Events Center is that crowd surfing is strictly forbidden. As it turns out, this is a rule that the Events Center staff takes very seriously, so seriously in fact that it when one member of the audience was caught in the act, he was swiftly escorted from the concert by several "red shirts" a.k.a. concert security.

This did not sit well with Rocky Mountain native and purist rocker Ivan Moody. Following a brief shouting match with the security guards in question (which we unfortunately did not catch on camera), the band finished the song. What next took place took everyone completely by surprise. Ivan asked for the house lights to be brought up so that he could address the crowd... and more specifically, the security guards.

Hey Red Shirts, how many are you? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - It's not these kids' fault that they understaffed you. The next one of you m****r f*****s to armbar one of my fans and walk him out, this show stops and it's on your ass!

Check out the video for yourselves. Comment below and tell us what you think - Who was right, Ivan or the "Red Shirts?"

Warning - Video contains NSFW language