Past winners of the Wyoming Short Film Contest are coming to the Cowboy State with new projects.  You can see the original winning films below.

Colin Stricklin, spokesperson at the Wyoming Film Office, says that the teams behind Absaroka (contest winner 2010) and Requited (contest winner 2013) will be heading to Northern Wyoming for their newest projects.

Patrick Mignano, director of the short western film, Absaroka, will be shooting a follow-up to that project, entitled Absaroka: Sins.  According the the project's facebook page, location scouting has been going on in the Cody region, and is scheduled to begin shooting later this month.  The film is described as following the characters from the first short, Howard Prescott and Lucius Blackledge, as they once again hit the trail.

The short film contest winner from 2013, Requited, from filmmakers Mark Christian and Madeline Puzzo, was another western.  Puzzo and Christian are shooting a new feature-length film, entitled Cardinal Matter, near the Dubois area.  The film is described as the story of a migrant worker, named Austin, who "finds himself the target of a deadly corporate cover-up in a small Wyoming town."

As winners of the short film contest, part of the prize is that filmmakers from both projects won $25,000 toward their next project that is made in the state of Wyoming.

The Wyoming Short Film Contest is an annual contest which begins open submissions in mid-Janurary.
Patrick Mignano's ABSAROKA:

Mark Christian and Madeline Puzzo's Requited: