Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” But what if the path toward education is full of obstacles?


Casper Family Literacy is one of the eight Wyoming Family Literacy programs recently defunded by the Legislature. We are in the business of removing obstacles so that low-income parents can pursue their dreams of an education. We provide quality child care for kids under the age of 12, transportation and parenting classes – all completely free.

With the loss of state funding, we are desperately looking for ways to keep our doors open. If you value education and believe it’s the ticket to changing the world, please visit our website at On the homepage you’ll find a link to an online fundraiser, where you can pledge to make a donation but your credit card will only be charged if all of the money is raised before our funding runs out in May.

Research shows that a mother’s level of education directly impacts the long-term educational success of her children. At Casper Family Literacy, we believe that parents who seek to better themselves should have the opportunity to do so. It sets an incredible example for their children and has long-lasting impact on the whole family when education is a priority in their lives