Punk rock legends Black Flag have come a long way since they helped pioneer L.A.'s scene in the early '80s. The recently reunited group, fronted by guitarist Greg Ginn, has gone through some ups and downs lately with singers and lawsuits. (Linchpin Henry Rollins has been gone since 1986.)

So it should come as no surprise -- OK, maybe it's a little surprising -- that the band that once sang 'Slip It In' will be playing a kids show in Chicago in a couple weeks. Fronted by new singer Mike Vallely, who took over duties onstage at a Black Flag concert in Australia in November, the group has a show in the city on June 17 as part of its Victimology Tour.

But before they plug in for that bruising show, the band will perform a free all-ages set for the kids. According to a press release announcing the gig, the band will strip down its raucous, mosh-pit punk to make it a little more friendly for the little ones.

Just so you know what you're in store for if you plan on going to the show, here's a video of some kids moshing to Black Flag's seminal 'TV Party':