Today, millions of marijuana users across the world will celebrate "4/20". In honor of the unofficial pothead holiday, here's a great idea for our friends across the border in Colorado.

Since recreational marijuana was legalized in 2014, tourists have flocked to Colorado to get stoned. What if, to attract even more tourism, someone constructed a marijuana-themed amusement park called "Rocky Mountain High"? It would be like Elitch Gardens, only with a completely different kind of garden.

Just think of all the great rides the "Rocky Mountain High Amusement Park" could have.

"Marijuana Land" would be a miniature version of "It's a Small World". "Dumbo the Flying Elephant" could become "Snoop Dogg's Flying Hooka". "Splash Mountain" could be replicated with  "Bongwater Rapids". "Space Mountain" could be renamed "Up in Smoke". Instead of "Pirates of the Caribbean", guests could take a boat ride through "Micheal Phelps' Swimming Pool". And who needs the "Indiana Jones Adventure", when you can take a spin in "Willie Nelson's Tour Bus"?

And they could shoot off fireworks every afternoon at 4:20 p.m.

Just imagine how much money they'd make at the concession stands alone.

And what better place to build the "Rocky Mountain High Amusement Park" than in Weld County, Colorado? Not only would it be a short trip for visitors from Denver, there's literally twenty miles of fields north of Fort Collins all the way to the Wyoming border.