I become an avid hiker about six years ago.

And in that time, I have hiked hundreds of miles of trails.

From the Bridle Trail on Casper Mountain to mountain ranges in Colorado and even the Alps in France, I spend as much time as I can on mountain trails.

I feel like I am a "responsible hiker" and follow the rules of the trails.

I pack out what I pack in, follow the fire safety rules, stay on the trail, and I'm conscious of other hikers I pass on the trail.

ThatsWY @travelwyoming shared a short video titled "5 Tips For Responsible Hiking" on their TikTok feed, and after watching it, I realized that I was not as responsible as I thought.

@travelwyoming Wyoming is full of wonderful hiking areas. Follow these easy tips to get the most out of your next hike and leave no trace behind. #ThatsWY #Wyoming #hiking #WYresponsibly🎥: @Laura Edmondson ♬ original sound - Travel Wyoming

I'm conscious of where I hike and am respectful of the surrounding areas, and I don't go in areas that are closed off.

I ALWAYS pick up my dog's poop.

I bring water with me on long hikes and even keep water in my car to drink when I'm done.

I know to download my maps from my trail app because there isn't always cell phone service in remote areas.

But I admit that I have never scraped my shoes off before or after a hike.

I recall seeing the shoe scraping station at a few trail heads over the years, but not many.

I understand how important it is to brush off your shoes before and after a hike, I've just never made it part of my hiking habits.

But now I definitely will...and hopefully, you do too.

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