Where does Wyoming rank among the states with the highest voter turnout? We’re 29th, with a whopping 63.2 percent.

Here's another stunning statistic: only 71 percent of U.S. citizens over the age of 18 are even registered to vote. In 2012, only 61 percent of them did.

The highest voting rate belongs to Minnesota at 74.5 percent, followed by Wisconsin (73 percent), Maine (70.8 percent), New Hampshire (69.8 percent), and Iowa (69.6 percent).

247wallst.com gives a rundown and here’s what they said about The Cowboy State.

"Wyoming is one of the most clearly conservative states in the country. In each of the past four presidential elections, a Republican earned at least 64.8% of the votes. In 2012, Mitt Romney won 68.6%, the highest margin of victory outside (of his old state) of Utah. While presidential elections appear to be less competitive, Wyoming has a lower share ... who claim a feeling that their vote wouldn’t make a difference."

Well, that does kind of sound about right, doesn’t it?