Wyoming Game and Fish has teamed up with WYDOT to try and help reduce the overall number of big game animal vs automobile accidents that happen across the cowboy state each year. This partnership is about saving lives, both people and those of our big game animal populations.

There are several areas in Wyoming where migrating deer, elk and antelope can often be found crossing the highway. These high animal traffic crossing areas are prone to vehicle accidents especially during the early morning and evening dusk hours when drivers have a harder time spotting animals in the roadway.

But with multiple projects already completed over the past several years, statistical data is beginning to show major improvements where big game passage ways have been created to help migrating deer, elk and antelope get from one side of a busy road or highway to the other.

As summertime approaches and more and more people take to Wyoming's highways and back roads, it's a good time to remember that these animals vehicle collisions can be reduced when we reduce our speeds during the early morning and evening low light conditions.

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