With the news that The Denver Broncos have retained a sports marketing firm, WMG-IMG, to find a deal for naming rights to “Mile High Stadium,” we fans in Bronco’s Country, Wyoming Division, have just a few questions (all silly questions).

Here's what Bronco’s President and CEO Joe Ellis told NBC, “WME-IMG’s extensive network throughout the sports and entertainment industry will serve as a tremendous resource in this very important process. Naming rights are critical to improving our stadium and the overall fan experience. They will help us find the right partner that understands the values of our organization and this community.”

First of all, how often did we ever call it “Sports Authority Field?” ... Never mind.

Whatever happened to Native Roots, the pot company wanting rights? ... Was that about "values," Joe?

Why does the stadium continue to be named after a company that no longer exists, as they continue to look for another, still with their sign? ... Maybe they just want to keep continuity of calling it something?

By "resources," did Joe mean a corporation provides dollars for things like keeping on the lights? ... Well, if not more specific, maybe that's a good way to put it.

The Concessions are handled by a whole different corporation, aren’t they? ... And, man, is it well handled! The Red Zone (hearty cold weather food) Home Fare in 3 other sections, Jalapeno Heaven in 4 sections, and Bard’s Tail (Gluten free). Concession stands total over 550. But I digress.

Do naming rights help pay for the tours? Some reviews of those seem impressive. ... Oh, who cares? That was just a nice plug for the tours.

All joking aside, at the heart of the matter is their whole Metropolitan Stadium District. You just know that's one big mess of politics, all the way up to their state level. MSD Spokesperson Matt Sugar: “That’s a revenue source we take very seriously. We’re trying to avoid any future public funding.”

“Aren’t you glad we live in a state like Wyoming, where things are just simpler?

Maybe one travelocity comment says it all:

Not Mile High Stadium

Get that right up front. If you ever visited the old, loud, rumbly stadium, this one is NOT IT. They did try to keep the old feel, and that being said, they did pretty well while still managing to construct a massive steel and dressing behemoth to hold the many thousands who find the Bronco's playing field holy ground.