In a study conducted by they determined which state was the most Eco-friendly. There were 17 data points which each state was graded. The main categories were environmental quality, Eco-friendly behaviors, and climate-change contributions. These categories take into factor how much energy and water we use, how much waste we produce, and how efficient we use these resources.

The top 5 greenest states are:

  • Vermont #1
  • Washington #2
  • Massachusetts #3
  • Oregon #4
  • Minnesota #5

The least green states are:

  • Nebraska #46
  • West Virginia #47
  • Montana #48
  • North Dakota #49
  • Wyoming #50

The least populous state in the union is the worst state for being Eco-friendly. Some areas we did well in like air and water quality. We have the best air in the country – thank you wind. Wyoming placed in the middle for water quality ranking 24th. The state did well in regards to using energy from renewable sources ranking 22nd.

After that Wyoming was at the bottom. We received the third lowest grade for soil quality. Thanks to our cold winters and other factors we have the highest score for energy consumption per capita. The Cowboy state is not fond of recycling ranking on the bottom ten worst states for percentage of recycled municipal solid waste. We also have the highest rate of consumption of gasoline. That is something that is hard to change due to how far our cities are spread apart from each other.

Being in last place means we have a lot of areas where we can grow. It is not about some conspiracy or left or right wing politics, it is just about being responsible with your resources. Turning off the lights when you leave the room uses less energy and saves you money. Reusing that plastic water bottle cuts down on waste and again saves you money. When you are outdoors enjoying the Wyoming air, make sure you pick up your trash. Even the Boy Scouts preach to leave things better then when you found them. If we fail to do so, we will start to lose our freedoms and privileges. This state is worth protecting.