And now, definitive proof that some guys actually DO read Playboy for the articles. The popular men's magazine published an interesting story ranking "The Most Popular Fictional Character From Each State".

Here in the great state of Wyoming, our most popular fictional character is Yogi Bear.

Hailing from "Jellystone National Park", which evidently is located in Wyoming, Yogi's popularity actually inspired a chain of 'Jellystone Park' camping spots, which has since expanded to over 70 locations across the country.

Colorado's most famous fictional character is Eric Cartman from the cartoon South Park. Wil E. Coyote was ranked Utah's most famous fictional character. Jurassic Park character Dr. Ellie Sattler's was Montana's most famous character. And, of course, Napoleon Dynamite is Idaho's most iconic character.

Sean Noyce, Playboy