There are hundreds of haunted places in Wyoming. Some of the most terrifying ghosts in the Cowboy State reportedly roam the hallways of our public schools.

Here's a few of Wyoming's most haunted schools.

Natrona County High School – One of the most infamous ghost stories in Wyoming is the girl who has, allegedly, haunted the auditorium since the 1940s. According to one popular legend, she had forgotten her bag after school one day and tried to crawl through a window to get it, only to fall to her death. Many witnesses have reported hearing the girl laugh. She has also been seen near the lighting booth and often sits in the front row.

Rawlins High School – Strange sounds are often heard througout the school, especially in the auditorium, where the lights will mysteriously turn on and off and cold spots have been reported. One undocumented legend suggests that a worker once fell from the catwalk above the auditorium onto the stairs below. Some believe his ghost still haunts the building.

Rawlins Middle School – The middle school in Rawlins might be more haunted than the high school.  According to local lore, it was built on the site of a sacred Native American burial ground. Over the years, there have been several ghost sightings here, inclding a well dressed man without a head.

Torrington Middle School – According to school custodians, a mysterious woman in white clothing has been known to wander the halls at night. Others have overheard strange noises in the locker room and some students believe that a ghost may inhabit Locker #393.

After students graduate from high school, they may still enounter ghostly apparitions in college. Several buildings at the Univerisity of Wyoming are reportedly haunted, especially Knight Hall.

Northwest College in Powell is also a hot spot for paranormal activity, including several reported ghost sightings in Colter Hall.


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