The Cowboy State is known for being rugged with a lot of mysterious and dangerous places. There are some spots notorious for being deadly however.

From highways to thermal pools, here's Wyoming's most deadly according to Only In Your State. 

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    Highway 287

    Often referred to as the most dangerous road in Wyoming, there have been dozens of accidents and fatlities along Highway 287. Luckily, construction crews are working again this summer to improve the stretch of road.

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    Corbet's Couloir

    Corbet's Coulior in Jackson is America's most dangerous ski slope. A 55 degree slope leads skiiers into a free fall over two stories tall.

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    Paintbursh Canyon/Cascade Canyon

    This treacherous 20-mile hike in the Tetons has a 4,000 foot vertical climb. In 2014, a hiker fell to her death.

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    Geysers & Hot Springs

    Over twenty people have been killed by geysers and hot springs in Yellowstone National Park. This should serve as another reminder to stay on the boardwalk!

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    Wildlife is everywhere in Wyoming. From bears to aggressive elk, mountain lions and bsion, give the animals some room!

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