Looking for a spooky summer trip? Wyoming's haunted hotels could produce some frightful fun.

From ghostly figures, to paranormal activity, check out five of the most notoriously haunted places in Wyoming...

  • 1

    The Plains Hotel - Cheyenne

    Here you can find the ghost of Rosie, the bride who killed her husband after she caught him with a prostitute. She is known to wander the 2nd floor in a blue gown.

    The Plains Hotel Cheyenne
  • 2

    Irma Hotel - Cody

    From rocking chairs that rock on their own, to a ghost wearing a confederate uniform, the Irma has had some freaky stories.

  • 3

    Occidental Hotel - Buffalo

    Rumor has it a ghost wearing a white dress with long dark hair has been seen moving furniture and luggage. Strange lights and laughter have also been reported.

  • 4

    Ferris Mansion Bed & Breakfast - Rawlins

    The ghosts of a woman and two young boys are known to visit this place. One of the boys, Cecil, was accidentally shot and killed in the house years ago.

  • 5

    Virginian Hotel - Medicine Bow

    Paranormal activity at night has been disrupting the sleep of guests for years. Some guests have even checked out early because of these ghostly events.