August 23, 1868St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Cheyenne was officially consecrated as the first house of worship in the state of Wyoming.

The congregation was actually formed several months earlier when Reverend Joseph Cook held the first service in a camp near the recently established railroad depot. In August, construction began on their first building, which was located on the corner of 18th Street and Carey Avenue.

In 1886, a new santcuary was erected on 19th and Central. Inspired by the Stoke Poges Church in London, the Old English-style structure was built using Castle Rock rhyolite, marble and wood. The iconic bell tower was added in 1925.

Over the years, St. Mark's has hosted several historic events, including a visit from President Franklin Roosevelt, a vigil for outlaw Tom Horn, and a memorial for the wife and daughters of General John Pershing.

The building is also purportedly haunted by the ghost of a mason who fell to his death during the construciton of the bell tower. According to a popular legend, the man's body was sealed inside the tower wall.

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