Last week, Riverton Police arrested a naked man running down Main Street. Sadly, the incident is the latest in a long line of naked lunatics wreaking havoc here in the Cowboy State.

Here's our list of Wyoming's five craziest nude criminals.

1. The Naked Gun on I-80 - In 2010, a deranged motorist made headlines following a bizarre incident on Interstate 80, just west of Rawlins. The man had been driving erratically before running off the road and streaking across the highway.

He then assaulted another motorist before jumping back in his car and leading police on a chase. During his joyride, he sideswiped another car and attempted to force his way into a vehicle.

When another traveler stopped to help, the man climbed into her car and stole her gun. After firing several shots, the man got back into his car and drove for several more miles before finally surrendering.

2. Nude Dude at the Casper Library - In 2011, a man under the influence of methamphetamine stripped down to his skivvies and went on a rampage in downtown Casper.

After harassing employees at several businesses, police found him at the Natrona County Public Library sitting in a chair behind the counter and pretending to use the phone.

3. Indecent Exposure at Starbucks - Last summer, a man was caught with his pants down at a Starbucks store in Casper. He told police that his pants had accidentally fallen down after he reached in his pocket to pay for a cup of coffee.

The Starbucks barista told a different story, explaining that the man exposed himself and began to pleasure himself inside the store.

4. Attention Wal-Mart Customers - In 2014, a man stripped naked inside the men's room at Casper's westside Wal-Mart. When the police arrived, the intoxicated man told them he was attempting to try on some pants that he had purchased.

Luckily, security guards at Wal-Mart covered the man before he was hauled off to jail.

5. Stripped and Tased in Cody - In 2010, the assistant Police Chief in Cody was accused of strip searching a North Dakota man and tasering him. A Federal lawsuit filed four years later, alleges the officer used excessive force by forcibly removing his clothes and assaulting him.

Police argue the North Dakota man was detained after making terrorist threats and was only tasered after resisting arrest. The case is currently pending.