I love to ski and I love roller coasters!  Now you can head up the mountain and do both in Jackson, Wyoming.

Late in 2015 Snow King Mountain Resort opened up Wyoming's first alpine roller coaster.  It offers a different way to experience the adrenaline rushing through your veins anytime of the year.

Best of all - in my opinion - if someone in your family or group of friends don't like to ski or snowboard, yet still want to have some fun in the snow this is just one of several non-skiing options.

Check out the video and if you're ever on the western slope of Wyoming, drop in and take a trip down the mountain on the cowboy coaster.  Maybe if we can get enough support locally, we can get a few other area communities to put one of these up at Hogadon or the Snowy Range for those of us on the east side of the state.

For more info check out the Snow King Mountain website.