He's actually kind of a big deal. His work shapes our western lives every day. Chances are you know his voice, and you trust likely him, even though you have never met him in person. What he has to say will affect how you plan your day and week. Meet Don Day.

Don Day is your local weatherman on your local radio station. Actually, he is the local radio weather voice for 70 radio stations across the West. You likely know his web address because you've heard him mention DayWeather.com about a million times.

He as also a weather consultant for several large projects, including when Red Bull sponsored Felix Baumgartner's historic freefall from the edge of space. Don was also the weather consultant for the famous skydive without a parachute.

So you might think someone like Don works out of a massive weather gathering facility in downtown Denver. If that is what you imagined then you will be surprised to learn that his offices and studios are in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in the old control tower at the airport.

The video, above, is our attempt to find out who Don Day is, the important work he does for so many people, and corporations, and how he got his start.

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