Here are the most popular names in Wyoming, and an interpretive look at the people behind them. We might get close.

1. John

John is that guy who has life lessons for everyone else. John can be anything he wants to be. We just never remember what that is, partly because we know too many other Johns. Who knows all of the Pope Johns? There were a whole 23! Wyoming around that many Taco Johns – 24. John has seen the world, but chose to make his home Wyoming.

2. Robert

This is one of those names with many variations. The name Robert is of a Germanic French origin. He’s proud of the heritage that ventured out into the new world, first to Argentina, where Roberto was a gaucho, so when Bob got to Wyoming, he fit right in as a cowboy. And Robert is a total hat guy. He might know a thing or two about horses too.

3. James

It is ironic such a royal name would end up so “common” in the Equality State. James hates admitting he can sometimes have a snobby streak, but mostly he keeps it all in a good Wyoming humor. He also loves a good burger.

4. Michael

Michael is just called Mike by everyone but his wife when she’s mad at him (“Michael!”). Mike keeps busy, usually with hard work, but will stop the world for anyone, especially to talk “Pokes” with a fellow fan. Mike will tell ya like it is. He likes to keep to himself if he needs to.

5. David

David, aka Dave, is a beer lover who always has the right thing to say. Maybe that’s how Dave gets away with all the rest of the things he says. Dave is an alright guy in any book.

6. Mary

Finally, a SHE.  And in a conservative state like Wyoming, of course the number one female name would be the Biblical equivalent of John. Mary, of course, is so well loved, mostly because she has a heart of gold. A Wyoming Mary has sage motherly love and advice, but don't get on her bad list.

7. Randy

Randy is getting in trouble again. Does he ever get tired of fighting? Put down the beer Randy. Please leave that alone Randy. Even if his name ain't Randy, we all know that guy. Randy will get his act together eventually, it's just a slower process for him.