Though most of these towns are miles from the nearest commercial airport, it's kind of cool to know you might have passed through one.

When people think of small Wyoming towns, they often bring up Buford, WY - Population: 1.  But other than Buford, can you name the next 10 smallest towns in the Cowboy state?

According to the website TogetherWeTeach there are 56 towns in Wyoming with a population of less than 1000 people.  Most of these towns are not 'incorporated', meaning they do not have a city charter and operate with elected officials.  Nevertheless, these towns are a big part of Wyoming's heritage, many of which got their starts as stops for stagecoaches or for the pony express.

Buford excluded, here are the next 10 smallest towns in Wyoming:

  1. Lost Springs - Population: 4
  2. Van Tassell - Population:15
  3. Riverside - Population: 52
  4. Hartville - Population: 62
  5. Kirby - Population: 92
  6. Manville - Population: 95
  7. Opal - Population: 96
  8. Dixon - Population: 97
  9. Bairoil - Population: 106
  10. Manderson - Population:114



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